Your Obsession With the Perfect Social Media Post Is Ruining Your Life

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The world is passing you by while you fumble around trying to take a picture of it for Instagram.

A new survey found 58% of people say their desire to post the perfect photo on social media has had a negative effect on their life . . . it’s ruined vacations, affected their kids, and sometimes even led them to do bizarre or dangerous things.

91% of people have seen a tourist miss out on enjoying a moment because they’re too busy taking pictures.

79% have seen a parent, quote, “undermine their own experience in a child’s life” for the sake of a photo.

75% admit they’ve done something RUDE to get a picture for social media . . . and 14% have even risked their own safety.

In other words, your obsession with the perfect social media post is ruining your life.


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