You Can’t Tell If You’re Being Cheated On . . . But Strangers Can Spot It Immediately


If you’re worried someone is cheating on you, here’s how to find out: Invite some strangers over to play Pictionary with you. Yes, really.

A new study out of Brigham Young University in Utah found that we can’t tell if we’re being cheated on . . . but STRANGERS can spot it almost immediately.

In the test, they had people watch couples do a task where one was blindfolded, and the other person had to guide them to draw something. Then the researchers asked the strangers if the couples were faithful, or if one person was cheating.

And the people watching the couples got it right SO often that it couldn’t have been lucky guesses . . . the difference was THAT statistically significant.

But the researchers say they’re not exactly sure HOW or WHY strangers are so good at spotting cheating couples . . . that’s going to take more research.


(Huffington Post)


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