You Can Undo a Month of Dieting in Less Than a Week

The thing about dieting is you have to keep DOING it. Forever. Otherwise you go back to those delicious, candy-coated curves we love so much. But check out how FAST it happens.

According to a new study, you can undo a month of dieting in less than a WEEK. The average person who tries to lose weight for the summer spends 35 days doing it . . . and can undo all that work in just SIX days.

A lot of it has to do with what you eat and drink, especially when you’re on vacation. 61% of people admit they don’t stick to their diet while they’re on vacation, and 20% say their diet becomes MUCH worse.

To avoid it, you have to keep paying attention to what you eat, even when you’re just hanging out with friends on the weekend. And also get plenty of fiber, which makes you feel full.

(Female First)

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