Would You Rather Have Your House Haunted by a Ghost, a Demon, or an Evil Leprechaun?


If you had to choose between living in a house that’s haunted, or one that ISN’T haunted, we’re assuming you’d choose “isn’t haunted.” But that’s no fun. So if you HAD to live in a haunted house . . . what would you want haunting it?

In a new survey, 41% of people say they’d most want a house that’s haunted by a vengeful GHOST. 26% would go for a possessed DOLL . . . 23% would want an EVIL LEPRECHAUN . . . and only 9% would want a DEMON.

Here are some more results from the survey . . .

68% of people would have an exorcism if their house was haunted.

59% of people wouldn’t buy a house if someone had been MURDERED in it.

13% of people wouldn’t buy a house if the address was 666.

9% of people would sell their soul to double the square footage of their house.

And 7% would sell their soul to get a pool.




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