Would You Rather Go to the Dentist or Wear a Bathing Suit?


Photo Credit: Petr Kratochvil (Website)

You’d THINK in this day and age, people wouldn’t be embarrassed to be a little chubby . . . since EVERYONE’S a little chubby. But our unnecessary body image issues just won’t go away.

A new survey asked people if they’d rather go to the dentist or wear a bathing suit this summer. And 33% picked the DENTIST.

The survey also found 46% of people don’t feel confident about their body . . . but 76% realize they’re more critical of how they look than anyone else.

If you’re wondering why so many people insecure about how they look, maybe this is it: Another survey found 57% of Americans have tried to eat healthy and exercise this year but something knocked them off track.

The top four things that derailed them are: Plans changing last minute . . . demands at work . . . unexpected guests . . . and delays when they’re traveling.

(Planet Fitness / PR Newswire)


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