"World's Ugliest Dog" Winner is a Mutt Without Lips or Eyelids

The annual World’s Ugliest Dog contest went down on Friday. It was at the Sonoma-Marin Fair in Petaluma, California. And even though the winner IS ugly, he’s also strangely beautiful . . . like a sunset over a garbage dump, perhaps?

This year the World’s Ugliest Dog is a two-year-old mutt named Peanut.

Peanut was injured in a fire, so he doesn’t have lips or eyelids. That means his eyes are always bugging out and watering . . . and it always looks like he’s smiling. His hair is all over the place too.

His owner is a woman named Holly Chandler from Greenville, North Carolina. She won $1,500 from the contest and she’s going to use it to pay other pets’ vet bills.

Quote, “He’s my baby. I guess I don’t see him every day as being that ugly, but I guess the judges thought so.”


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