Women Say Chubby Guys Are the Best in Bed

Chubby Guys are the best in bed

A new survey of 2,544 women found that CHUBBY GUYS are the best in bed. Here are the top three reasons why . . .

  1.  They seem more eager to please the woman than themselves.
  2.  They’re more caring and gentle.
  3.  They make women feel less self-conscious about their bodies.

Here are the rankings for all five body types in the survey . . .

  1.  Overweight and plus size men . . . 38% of women say they’re the best in bed.
  2.  Athletic and muscular men, 21%.
  3.  Men over six feet tall, 13%.
  4.  Men under five-foot-eight, 10%.
  5.  Slim and petite men, 9%.

The survey comes from England, so we can’t guarantee it applies over here. But guys, let’s PRAY our women see eye-to-eye with the British women on this.


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