A Woman Played the Lottery to Show Her Husband It’s a Waste of Money . . . and Won a Million Dollars

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A 57-year-old woman named Glenda Blackwell bought a $10 lottery ticket last Saturday near Asheville, North Carolina, because she wanted to show her husband it’s a waste of money.

His name is Buddy, and he plays the lottery a lot.  He actually asked her to buy two Powerball tickets, but she bought a scratch-off instead.  Apparently just to get under his skin, because she wanted him to stop.

But her plan blew up in her face in a pretty spectacular way.  Because the ticket she bought ended up hitting for a MILLION BUCKS.

They came forward on Monday to collect their money.  They took the lump sum of about $415,000 after taxes.

Glenda says she had to eat her words after the ticket hit.  But she’s not too upset about it, because they don’t have to worry about money for the first time in their lives.

She says they’re using some of the money to buy a house and put their grandkids through college.  And in a roundabout way, she also got what she wanted.  Because now that they’ve won, Buddy promised to stop buying so many lottery tickets.


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