A Woman Had Her Dad Drive Her to a Bank Robbery by Saying It Was a Job Interview


A 24-year-old named Chelsea Wilson from Hollywood, Florida asked her dad if he’d drive her to a job interview last Thursday. It was at a bank . . . and being a good dad, he took her.

He figured it went really well too, because she came outside with a bunch of CASH. She said it was an advance payment on her salary. Yeah . . .

Anyway, that’s what he allowed himself to BELIEVE happened . . . until the FBI showed up at his house the next morning.

It turns out Chelsea was lying to him, and he hadn’t taken her to a job interview . . . she’d tricked him into being her GETAWAY DRIVER when she robbed the bank.

She’d also robbed three other banks before, although she didn’t get her dad tangled up in those.

She was arrested for robbery, but since her dad really didn’t know what was going on, he won’t be facing any charges.

(ABC 10 – Orlando

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