What's the Worst Excuse Someone Ever Used to Dump You?


Getting dumped for no reason is terrible. Getting dumped for an ABSURD reason is even worse. What’s the worst excuse someone ever used to dump you? Here are eight of the best ones we’ve ever heard . . .

  1. “We don’t fight enough . . . so you obviously don’t care about this relationship.”
  2. “You’re not bad enough for me.”
  3. “You’re chocolate pudding, my ex is chocolate cake. I love pudding, but lately I’ve been craving cake.” Important note: All parties involved are white.
  4. “I’m sick of guys looking at you. I need an uglier girl, sorry.”
  5. “I just really need some time to date God before I can date anyone else.”
  6. “You don’t love me like Edward loves Bella.”
  7. “There was never an official breakup. She just walked up, handed me some Jell-O, and never talked to me again.”
  8. “I’m falling for your mom and I want to take a shot at her.”



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