What’s the Worst Baby Name You’ve Ever Heard?


I will never understand parents who pick COMICALLY HORRIBLE baby names. They don’t even give the kid a fighting chance to have a normal life.

People on Reddit.com have been sharing the worst baby names they’ve ever heard. Here are our 10 favorites . . .

  1.  I’munique.
  2.  Obamaniqua.
  3.  Vejonica. Her parents were named Veronica and John, and they combined their names.
  4.  Boy Boy.
  5.  Orgasm.
  6.  Three brothers named Courage, Gallantry . . . and Tom.
  7.  Britney Shakira Beyonce.
  8.  Like.
  9.  Depreshaun.
  10.  Abstinence.


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