What If Santa Got Paid?


There is no doubt that being Santa Claus is a tough job. I mean, making that list, checking it twice, not to mention buying and delivering all those toys to girls and boys. And while we’re sure Ol’ Saint Nick is perfectly happy being paid in cookies and milk, as well as the joy on kids’ faces, what if he were to get an actual salary?

Well, the folks at insure.com have crunched some numbers to come out with a figure, and all totaled, he’d likely earn $139,924, which is an increase of $2,129 from last year.

As for the actual breakdown of his salary:

  • Running the workshop 2912 hours per year $116,742
  • Professional shopper 120 hours per year $1,980
  • Gift wrapper, 168 hours per year $1,831
  • Labor negotiator (with the elves) 182.5 hours per year $4,964
  • Letter reader 100 hours per year $1,722
  • Talking to kids in the mall 168 hours per year $2,695
  • Investigator (how else will he know if you’ve been good or bad) 30 hours per year $777
  • List checker 30 hours per year $537
  • Taking care of reindeer 365 hours per year $4,347
  • Snow plow driver 180 hours per year $3,200
  • Sleigh pilot 10 hours per year $623
  • Chimney sweep 10 hours per year $146
  • Cookie taster 10 hours per year $210
  • Gift distributor 10 hours per year $149
  • Announcer (“Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”) .01 hours per year $0

Source: Today.com

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