WATCH NOW: JAY Z invites 12-year-old boy to sing onstage

video-undefined-1A7655C300000578-916_636x358JAY Z invited a 12-year-old boy onstage during his show in Greensboro, North Carolina on Sunday night.  The boy was holding a sign that said, quote, “Can I rap for you?”

After taking a moment to collect himself, he rapped Jay’s verse from “Clique” . . . the 2012 track that also features KANYE WEST and BIG SEAN.  And he even did it without the backing music.

The boy avoided all the profanity in the verse . . . but Jay did interrupt and ask him to skip a line that mentioned “drug dealing.”  He finished it up . . . and asked Jay Z if he could hang out with him backstage after the show.

Jay responded, quote, “Yes, you can.  Just because of the nerve . . . I got something for you, too.  I feel like this is a game show, ‘And for your grand prize, you get to meet Jay Z backstage.  Please, step down.'”





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