Walmart Hopes to Boost Employee Morale by Playing Less Celine Dion and Justin Bieber in Its Stores


Walmart announced some changes at a recent shareholders meeting, which are intended to help boost employee morale and customer service.

And the one thing that got the biggest reception is: They’re ditching the old music that’s been playing on a loop in the stores and driving everyone INSANE.

It’s unclear what all was on the tape, but at the meeting it was made clear that it included a lot of painful JUSTIN BIEBER and CELINE DION.

One guy joked, quote, “One of my fellow associates recently developed a serious eye-tic from hearing Celine Dion’s greatest hits on loop in our stores.”

They’re replacing it with “Walmart Radio,” where they’ll have their own DJ creating fresh playlists that will be piped into the stores. Other changes include tweaking the temperature in the stores, and slightly relaxing the dress code.

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