Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

gty_vday_gifts_kb_130208_wmainValentine’s Day is next Friday, so if you haven’t bought a gift yet, get on that.  Here are some gift ideas for every stage of a relationship from  And if you think they’re lame, VALENTINE’S DAY IS LAME.

1.  A few dates in.  Nice chocolates . . . some manly accessories like a good shaving set . . . or just a card.

2.  Dating, but on the way to the “being exclusive” talk.  A concert or sports tickets . . . a personalized gift basket filled with their favorite things . . . or a sleek messenger bag.

3.  Long-term relationship.  Perfume or cologne . . . a tech gadget . . . or fancy lingerie.

4.  Married.  Jewelry . . . a nice watch . . . or a vacation for just the two of you.


(She Knows)