Two-Thirds of Adults Say They “Don’t Always Act Their Age” . . . Plus the Kid Activities We Still Like as Adults

There’s nothing more BORING than acting your age.  Which is why so few of us do it, apparently.

Photo Credit: Pexels | Crina Doltu

According to a new survey, two-thirds of adults say they, quote, “don’t always act their age.”  And here are the 10 kid activities we still love to do now that we’re older . . .

  1. Play board games.
  2. Watch cartoons.
  3. Pop bubble wrap.
  4. Watch Disney movies.
  5. Blast our music.
  6. Watch kids’ TV shows.
  7. Play mini golf.
  8. Color a picture.
  9. Play with Legos.
  10. Go down a slide. 

(SWNS Digital)


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