Two Sisters Are Stranded For Two Weeks and Survive by Eating Girl Scout Cookies


56-year-old Lee Wright and her 52-year-old sister Leslie Roy were visiting family up in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula back on April 11th . . . and as they were driving home through a remote area, their SUV got stuck in some deep snow.

They were stuck . . . and they were SCREWED. There was no cell phone coverage, their car was almost out of gas, and the road was SO remote that no other cars were driving by.

So they went into survival mode. They put on all the clothes they had . . . they used the snow for water . . . and they rationed the GIRL SCOUT COOKIES they happened to have with them to try to stay alive.

Eventually their family reported them missing . . . and a police helicopter finally spotted their car on Friday . . . after they’d been stranded for TWO WEEKS.

Lee and Leslie were both in shockingly good health, all things considered . . . the medical report just says they were, quote, “a little weak.”

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