Two Kids Tunneled Their Way Out of Kindergarten

Kids Tunneled

Apparently drinking milk and taking naps is more stressful than it sounds . . .

Teachers at a kindergarten in Russia recently went into panic mode when two five-year-old boys went MISSING in the middle of the afternoon.

They were outside on the playground, and disappeared. Which didn’t make sense, because the whole place was fenced in. So someone walked the perimeter and figured out what happened.

It turned out the two of them had spent the last several days using their toy shovels to dig a HOLE under the fence . . . and tunneled themselves out Shawshank style. It was actually more of an indentation in the ground under the fence, but still.

Police tracked them down after a woman saw them checking out cars at a Jaguar dealership more than a mile away. And when she asked what they were doing, they said they were there to get a, quote, “grown up car.”

Both of them are home safe now, and their parents aren’t pressing charges. But their teacher got fired for not keeping a closer eye on them.

(The Siberian Times)

Kids Tunneled

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