A Trucker Got a Woman’s Number from a Bathroom Stall, and They Fell in Love


This might be the least romantic way to meet someone. But hey, whatever works . . .

There’s a 51-year-old truck driver in England named Mark Ellis. And about ten years ago, he was on his way to a bar when he stopped to use a public bathroom. It was some time around 2005, but it’s not really clear.

(CAREFUL!) Anyway, someone had written a phone number on the wall, with a message that said, “If you want a good SHAG, call Donna.” And he actually TRIED the number.

He sent a text that said, “What are you up to?” He didn’t think anyone would actually respond . . . he just did it as a joke. But someone texted BACK and said, “Who is this?” And it really WAS a woman named Donna.

Her name is Donna Roberts, and she looks like she’s in her thirties now. It turns out an ex-boyfriend had written her number on the wall to mess with her.

But it backfired, because she and Mark hit it OFF. They started dating, fell in love, and they now have two kids together . . . a nine-year-old and an eight-year-old.

A newspaper in England just did a story on them, so that’s why we’re hearing about it. Donna says their kids are still too young for the REAL story of how they met. So for now they think Mark just texted her by mistake.

(The Sun)

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