A lot of people listen to music to relax and de-stress, so a new survey asked people which songs they turn on to keep calm.  It’s worth noting:  The survey was done in Britain . . . but the Top 10 songs are popular in the states too. 

Here they are:

“What A Wonderful World”, Louis Armstrong

“Let It Be”, The Beatles

“Your Song”, Elton John

“Someone Like You”, Adele

“Hello”, Adele

“Fix You”, Coldplay

“I Say A Little Prayer”, Aretha Franklin

“Orinoco Flow”, Enya

“Morning Has Broken”, Cat Stevens

“It’s a Beautiful Day”, U2

Classical and pop are the most popular genres to help people relax. 

(For more info, hit up this link.  It also includes the full Top 30.  But again, it definitely does have its British moments.)