Three Women Find the Same Guy Is Dating All of Them . . . So They Team Up to Surprise Him at the Airport

cheat17n-1-webThis is straight out of a movie. Literally . . . they just made a bad Cameron Diaz movie called “The Other Woman” where this happens.

20-year-old Charlie Fisher cheap moncler of Hertfordshire, England has been dating THREE different women without them knowing about each other. That would be fine if things weren’t serious . . . but he’s been with all three for at least seven months.

The women didn’t know about each other until one of them saw a text on Charlie’s phone from another woman. When she
moncler jackets wrote back to the woman asking who she was . . . she said she was Charlie’s GIRLFRIEND.

They started moncler sale talking on Twitter, and tracked down a THIRD woman he was dating.
Charlie was on vacation in Germany and Iceland the entire time, and the women decided that moncler uk would be a great time to get revenge. So when he got through customs and walked out of the airport, all THREE of his moncler coats uk girlfriends were there waiting for him.

Apparently he was shocked, so he said, quote, “Can I talk to you later?” Then he ran to the parking lot where his grandma was waiting to pick him up. The women followed him out screaming at him, but he took off.


(Daily Mail


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