This Map shows Popular Halloween Candy by State


Here's a map showing the top candy in every state.

Here’s a map showing the top candy in every state.

A new survey found the most popular Halloween candy in each state. And you might think, “Isn’t EVERY candy Halloween candy? So it’s just the most popular candy in each state?” And the answer is . . . sort of.

Because five states picked candy that you really only eat around Halloween . . . CANDY CORN came in first in Oregon, Wyoming, Texas, Tennessee, and South Carolina. No other candy won that many states.

But Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups got the most votes OVERALL. Although they’re only number one in two states . . . Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Kit Kats, and Butterfinger were the only three that got votes from all 50 states.

The most random result is West Virginia . . . they picked Oreos as their favorite candy. Get it together, guys.

But the biggest surprise is probably Arizona . . . people there picked Toblerone. Who knew they were so fancy?



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