New in Theaters: “Minions”, “Self/less”, and “The Gallows”

1.  Minions  (PG)  Trailer 1, Trailer 2, Trailer 3

The minions from “Despicable Me” star in this prequel where three of them look for a new evil master after serving Dracula, Napoleon, an Egyptian pharaoh, and a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

It takes place 42 years before the first movie and features Sandra Bullock as the first female super-villain, Scarlet Overkill.  The minions sign up to be her henchmen and she sends them on a mission to steal Queen Elizabeth’s crown.

If you’d like to impress your kids with your ability to keep your minions straight:  Kevin is the tall one and the leader . . . Stuart is the one-eyed minion who’s always hungry . . . and Bob is the young insecure one who still carries a teddy bear.





It’s narrated by Geoffrey Rush, who plays Captain Barbosa in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies.  Jon Hamm, Michael Keaton, and Allison Janney are in it too.  (You can listen to Sandra Bullock talk about playing the villain here.)



2.  Self/less  (PG-13)  Trailer

Ben Kingsley gets a second chance at youth when he transfers his consciousness into Ryan Reynolds’ body.  But he realizes it wasn’t the ’empty vessel’ he was promised, when he starts to relive some of Ryan’s old memories.

Natalie Martinez from “Under the Dome” plays Ryan’s widow.  And Matthew Goode is the bad guy, who tries to kill him when he complains about their arrangement.

3.  The Gallows  (R)  Trailer

Kathie Lee Gifford’s daughter, Cassidy Gifford, makes her acting debut in this found-footage horror movie about four kids who sneak onto the set of a play called “The Gallows” . . . which once killed a student because of a defective hangman’s noose.

(You can listen to her describe the plot of the movie in detail here.  And here’s a pic of Cassidy with her co-star.)




There’s only one F-word in the movie, which Ms. Gifford blurted out on accident.

She says, quote, “I don’t curse a lot.  And on the first night, it was dark and we were running up the stairs and I just tripped, and I hit my head on the stairs and just said it.  Later I was doing sound mixing . . . and it was still in there and I was mortified.  Because my family’s going to hear it, my uncle the pastor is going to see this.”

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