The Top Things We Need for a Long and Happy Life

Researchers talked to 2,000 people who are either retired, or approaching retirement age.  And they asked them to name the top things you need to have a long and happy life.  Here are the top ten . . .

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  1. Being with someone who loves you.
  2. Staying close with your family.
  3. Laughing every day.
  4. Regular exercise.
  5. Getting out into nature.
  6. Getting eight hours of sleep a night.
  7. Having a pet.
  8. Having enough money to do what you want.
  9. Having a job you love.  Or at least a job you don’t hate most of the time.
  10. Quality time with your kids and grandkids.

A few more that just missed the top ten were having a hobby . . . having friends . . . small acts of kindness . . . and listening to music every day.