The Top Five Driving Turn-Offs For Men and Women

Driving Turn-Offs

We’ve got the results of a new study on men, women, and DRIVING. And one thing is REALLY clear . . . men and women react to aggressive driving VERY differently.

A new survey found 84% of women get turned off by a guy who’s too aggressive or dangerous when he drives. But 52% of men say they actually get turned ON by a woman who’s a little bit crazy behind the wheel.

The survey also found the five biggest driving turn-offs for both genders. Check ’em out . . .

The top five worst things men do are:

  1. Illegally passing other cars
  2. road rage
  3. bad parking
  4. texting while driving
  5. making awkward three-point turns.

The top five worst things women do are:

  1. Making three-point turns
  2. taking selfies behind the wheel
  3. texting while driving
  4. going the wrong way down a one-way street
  5. bad parking.

(Daily Mail)

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