The Top 10 Things About Women That Baffle Men


A new survey found the top things about women that BAFFLE men. And you’ll be happy to know . . . everything stand-up comedians joked about in 1992 still hold true today. Apparently the big clichés are still going strong.

Here are the top ten things about women that baffle men . . .

  1.  Their mood swings.
  2.  How shopping becomes a whole social event.
  3.  The time it takes them to get ready.
  4.  Their ability to hold grudges.
  5.  How they remember every single thing you’ve ever said.
  6.  Why they think you’re a mind reader.
  7.  Why they say, “I don’t have anything to wear” when they’re in front of a full closet.
  8.  Their obsession with shoes.
  9.  Why they have so much stuff in their purse.
  10.  Why their haircuts cost so much money.




(You can see the rest of the top 50 here.)

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