The Ten Worst Jobs . . . and DJ Made the List Again released its annual list of the worst jobs in America. And newspaper reporter is #1 for the fourth year in a row. That isn’t a statement on the LAME-STREAM media. The whole industry is just in trouble right now.

DISC JOCKEY also made the list again. Obviously we take issue with that one. Last year it was #4, and now it’s #6. So the good news is we’ve got a better gig than PEST CONTROL WORKERS now. Here’s the full list . . .

  1.  Newspaper reporter.
  2.  TV broadcaster.
  3.  Logger.
  4.  Enlisted military personnel, mostly because of how dangerous it is.
  5.  Pest control worker.
  6.  Disc jockey . . . I promise you do NOT envy our schedule. Also, the correct term is “radio personality.” Thank you.
  7.  Ad sales.
  8.  Firefighter.
  9.  Retail sales.
  10.  Taxi driver.