The Six Worst Kinds of Drivers, and the Five Worst Passengers


Who are the worst drivers on the road? And no, you can’t say, “Every single person except me.”

Expedia just released their annual survey on bad driving and road rage, and they found the six worst types of drivers. Check ’em out . . .

  1.  Texters.
  2.  Tailgaters.
  3.  Slow drivers in the left lane.
  4.  People who drive slowly to take in the scenery.
  5.  Multitaskers.
  6.  People who drift between lanes.

The survey also found the five worst passengers . . .

  1.  Backseat drivers . . . they got more than half the vote.
  2.  Someone who refuses to help navigate.
  3.  Radio hogs.
  4.  People who fall asleep while you’re forcing yourself to stay awake to drive.
  5.  People who take off their shoes.

Here are a few more random results from the survey . . .

The majority of people say it’s worse trying to share the road with bad drivers than with bikers, runners, walkers, buses, and taxis combined.

97% of people believe THEY’RE careful drivers . . . but only think 29% of OTHER people are.

Also, more hypocrisy on that front . . . 61% of us admit to speeding, and 29% admit to tailgating.

26% of us have yelled at another driver . . . 17% have given the finger . . . and 4% have gotten out of their car to confront someone.

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