The Seven Craziest Ways People Have Quit Their Jobs


You’re not human unless you’ve fantasized about quitting your job in a BLAZE OF GLORY. But of course, when it comes time to ACTUALLY quit, you wuss out and do it respectfully. Time to live vicariously through the people who DIDN’T.

A new survey asked more than 600 human resources managers to name the CRAZIEST ways they ever saw someone quit a job. Here are the top seven . . .

1. A guy threw a brick through the window with “I quit” written on it.

2. A guy threw a cup of coffee in the air and walked out.

3. A woman said she was going out to buy new boots and never came back.

4. A woman baked a cake with her resignation letter written on top.

5. A guy had a marching band come in and accompany him while he announced he was leaving.

6. One woman created a music video to explain she was leaving.

7. An employee had his parents call in to say their son was quitting.

(PR Newswire)


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