The New “Belfie Stick” Helps You Take Better Butt Photos


So it’s come to this. Well, society, we’ve had a good run. But it’s over.

There’s a new product called the BELFIE STICK . . . it’s a selfie stick for your BUTT.

If you don’t know what a selfie stick is, you might have seen people using one in public . . . you put your camera on the end, and it takes better selfies of you and your friends, so your arm isn’t in the way.

Same principle here . . . you put your camera on the end of the stick, and it helps you take better photos of your butt. The company behind it is a social network called that no one’s heard of.

They say they created it because people were having trouble using selfie sticks for butt photos . . . a sentence that would confuse a time traveler from as recently as 2012.

The Belfie Stick is more flexible than a traditional selfie stick, so you can get it at the right angle to take that perfect picture from behind.

They’re taking preorders now at . . . and the damn thing costs $79.99. For once, it might be better if kids just used their money on something more practical, like drugs.

(Business Insider

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