The Hottest Pickup Line Right Now Is . . . “I Wish They’d Teach Us More About Vikings”?



If you’re wondering how to start a conversation with a match on Tinder, here’s the trendiest pickup line right now.  Ready?  Say, “I wish they’d teach us more about Vikings.”



If you’re confused, you should be, because it’s super confusing.  Here’s how it started.



A 21-year-old in Michigan named Caitlin Whitlock was going through old stuff at her parents’ house in March, and found a book by the American Girl company called “A Smart Girl’s Guide to Boys”.



One of the pages listed ways to start a conversation.  And randomly, one of the things they suggested was “I wish they’d teach us more about Vikings.”



She thought it was funny, so she texted it to a friend.  Not surprisingly, he wrote back, quote, “What the [eff].”  So she tweeted a screenshot of their exchange, and a picture of the book, and it slowly went viral.



It started blowing up recently, and now people are supposedly using it as a pickup line.  And some even say it’s working.


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