The Highest Paid YouTube Stars Include a 7-Year-Old Who Made $22 Million

Forbes” magazine released their annual list of the highest-paid YouTube stars . . . and at the top is a seven-year-old kid who made $22 million this year reviewing toys. 1.  Ryan ToysReview.  A 7-year-old kid who made $22 million reviewing toys and selling a line of “collectibles and more” at Walmart.
2.  Jake Paul.  He’s Logan Paul’s brother and his hijinks brought in $21.5 million. 3.  Dude Perfect.  $20 million.  Five guys who do “feats of dexterity” and trick shots. 4.  DanTDM.  $18.5 million.  He’s a British gamer who specializes in Minecraft. 5.  Beauty mogul Jeffree Star, $18 million.  He also has a cosmetics line. 6.  Markiplier.  Gamer from Hawaii who earned $17.5 million. 7.  Vanoss Gaming.  $17 million.  A Canadian gamer named Evan Fong. 8.  Jacksepticeye.  A gamer from Ireland who swears a lot, and made $16 million. 9.  PewDiePie.  $15.5 million. 10.  Logan Paul.  $14.5 million.  Despite the fallout from his “Suicide Forest” video.

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