The Higher a Woman’s Heels, the More Attractive She Is to Men


Well this explains why strippers risk horrible ankle sprains and debilitating foot pain to wear 13-inch high heels every night.

A new study out of France found the higher a woman’s heels, the more attractive she is to men.

The researchers had a 19-year-old woman stand on the street and ask men for help . . . once in flat shoes, once in two-inch heels, and once in three-and-a-half-inch heels. The higher the shoes, the more likely men were to stop.

In another test, they watched how many men at a bar approached a group of women in different sized heels . . . and men were much more likely to talk to the women when they were in higher heels.

The researchers say, quote, “The results showed that high heels were associated with greater sexiness, overall physical attractiveness, breast attractiveness, beauty, attractiveness to men, and willingness for a date.”

(Yahoo Style)

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