The Five Most Annoying Things About Valentine’s Day


If you’re single on Valentine’s Day, it’s easy to get annoyed by everyone shoving it in your face all day. But even if you ARE in a relationship . . . it’s ALSO annoying to see those couples who don’t have your restraint.

A new survey found the five most annoying things about Valentine’s Day . . . voted on by both single people AND people in relationships . . .

1. Public displays of affection.

2. A flood of pictures on social media from people bragging about their relationships, the presents they got, and the flowers that showed up for them at work.

3. People talking about Valentine’s Day, how good their relationships are, and NOTHING ELSE for the entire day.

4. Seeing couples celebrating everywhere.

5. Not having a date. This applies to people in relationships too, who decided to just do something low-key for Valentine’s Day, or celebrate it on another less crowded night . . . then get jealous.


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