The First Photos of Kanye West’s “Star Wars”-Inspired Housing Project

KANYE WEST has conquered hip-hop.  So the obvious next step is . . . architecture?

Kanye has been talking up plans for a new type of low-income housing inspired by the DOMED houses on Luke Skywalker’s home planet of Tatooine in “Star Wars”.  And he claims it could revolutionize low-income housing.

Until now, we’d only heard about it.  But some photos of the first prototypes he’s building just hit the Internet.  And yes . . . they’re definitely domes.  (Check out photos here and here.)

They’re on land he owns near L.A.  Each dome is about 50 feet tall.  And the plan is for them to be pre-fabricated, so they’re cheap and easy to build.  It’s unclear how they’d be set up inside . . . and how many people they’d be expected to house.

He apparently wants to build A LOT of them.  And when he talked about the project last year, he put himself in pretty rare company.

Quote, “I’m going to be one of the biggest real-estate developers of all time.Β  What Howard Hughes was to aircrafts, and what Henry Ford was to cars.Β  [We’re] gonna build CITIES.”


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