The FDA Approved a Drug That Can Dissolve Your Double Chin


We’ve all had that moment . . . you turn on your cell phone to take a photo, it’s still on the selfie setting, and see what your chin looks like from a low angle. And it’s HORRIFYING. So I feel like this drug is going to be worth BILLIONS.

The FDA just approved a new drug called Kybella that targets and dissolves the fat in your DOUBLE CHIN. It’s the first method they’ve approved to get rid of neck fat without surgery.

A dermatologist just gives you a bunch of injections of Kybella under your jaw line, and it goes right to work. It might take a few sessions, but you’ll be healed in a few days and you won’t even need bandages.

And now, the downside. Kybella isn’t approved to eliminate fat in OTHER parts of your body . . . and even worse, a few of the people who used it in clinical trials wound up with NERVE INJURIES that warped their faces. But hey, most of them didn’t?

It’s scheduled to go on sale next month.


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