The Average Person Would Pay $79 For a Moment of Happiness


How much are your EMOTIONS worth? I don’t mean that in a deep metaphorical way . . . I literally mean, how much MONEY are your emotions worth?

The answer is . . . less than you think. A new survey asked people how much they’d pay to feel or stop feeling certain emotions for a moment, and here are the average results . . .

  • We’d pay $114 to feel a moment of love.
  • $106 to stop feeling regret.
  • $100 to stop feeling embarrassed.
  • $93 to stop feeling sad.
  • $83 to stop feeling afraid.
  • $79 to feel a moment of happiness.
  • $63 to feel a moment of excitement.
  • And $44 to feel a moment of calmness and tranquility.

(Business Insider)

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