The Average Person Picks Up Their Phone 1,500 Times a Day?


You’d THINK your phone has made your LAZIER . . . but is it secretly pumping up your biceps?

A new study found the average person picks up their phone 1,500 times a DAY. That seems high, but think about it . . .

Assuming you’re awake for 17 hours, that’s about three times every two minutes . . . which doesn’t actually seem THAT unrealistic.

That means you’re doing a bicep curl of about four ounces every time you pick up your phone . . . for a total of 375 pounds of lifting during the day. How are you not more ripped, bro?

The study also found we use our phone for around 22.9 total hours per week . . . so you’re spending approximately one full day each week using your cell phone.

Two-thirds of people say picking up their phone to check it is such a reflex they do it a lot of the time without even thinking about it.

(Daily Mail)

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