The 11 WORST Christmas Gifts Men Can Give


If you’re like the stereotypical guy in sitcoms and commercials, you haven’t bought any Christmas presents yet. But that might actually be a good thing . . . at least you can hear THIS before you buy anything.

A new study had women name the worst gifts their husband or boyfriend could buy them. Here are the top 11 . . .

  1.  Socks.
  2.  Bath salts . . . the stuff you get at Bath and Body Works for the bathtub, NOT the drug that makes you eat people’s faces.
  3.  Chocolate.
  4.  Perfume . . . because you’ll never pick the right one.
  5.  Body spray.
  6.  Toiletries.
  7.  Gift cards.
  8.  Kitchenware.
  9.  Cash.
  10.  Windshield wipers. (???)
  11.  A sewing kit.


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