VIDEO: Thanks to Kanye West, Two People in Wheelchairs at His Concert Were Booed

Thanks to KANYE WEST, two people in wheelchairs got hollister sale BOOED during his show Friday night in Sydney, Australia. It was actually a misunderstanding, but it was the kind only Kanye could cause.

You see, Kanye decided that he wasn’t hollister sale uk going to continue the show until everyone in the arena STOOD UP. And he meant it. And when he saw two people still not standing, he refused to go on.

Of course, those two people were in wheelchairs and COULDN’T stand up. But Kanye had to make SURE they were disabled and not just refusing his demand.

The whole process took several very awkward minutes, during which the crowd started booing and chanting “Stand up!” When hollister clearance Kanye was convinced the people really were handicapped, he went on with the show.

(It was all pretty obnoxious, and it had to be uncomfortable for those poor fans. Check out video¬†WARNING!!! hollister clearance uk There’s some abercrombie outlet uk profanity.)

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