A Ten-Year-Old Got Bitten by a Shark, Then Went Back Into the Water to Save Her Six-Year-Old Friend

A Ten-Year-Old Got Bitten by a Shark

A ten-year-old girl named Kaley Szarmack was at the beach with her family near Jacksonville, Florida last Wednesday. And she was standing in about four feet of water when she got attacked by a SHARK.

Luckily it was only about three feet long. But it still managed to open up a five-inch gash on her leg, so there was a lot of blood . . . pretty terrifying, especially for a ten-year-old. But check out how she handled it . . .

After she got out of the water, she realized that a six-year-old girl she was playing with was still in danger. So she went back IN . . . grabbed the little girl . . . and made sure she didn’t get bitten.

It took 90 stitches to close the cut on Kaley’s leg, but her doctors say she should make a full recovery.

(News4Jax / MyFox8 / Fox News)

Ten-Year-Old Got Bitten by a Shark

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