The Ten Worst Jobs in America… and Disc Jockey Is #4

(Photo: DJ... I mean... Radio Personality Allistar)

(Photo: DJ… I mean… Radio Personality Allistar)

The website released its annual list of the worst jobs in America. And newspaper reporter came in first. Their industry is just getting slammed.

And coming in at number four is . . . DISC JOCKEY. It’s not clear if they mean us, or the guy with the rental tux who DJ’d your step-sister’s wedding. Either way, we beg to differ. And also, we prefer the term “radio personality.” Thank you.

They based it on salary, job prospects, and stress . . . which was the main reasons DJ made the list. See what we go through for you every day? Here’s the top ten.

  1.  Newspaper reporter. It took the top spot for the third year in a row.
  2.  Logger.
  3.  TV broadcaster.
  4.  Disc jockey . . . I mean, ahem, radio personality.
  5.  Member of the military, because of how dangerous and stressful it is.
  6.  Pest control worker.
  7.  Retail sales.
  8.  Ad sales.
  9.  Taxi driver.
  10.  Firefighter.


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