Ten Things Women Do to Their Bodies That Guys Hate Most


Ladies, here’s something you might want to know before you go all out to “fix” your face. It turns out most guys don’t WANT you to.

A new survey found the ten things women do to their bodies that guys hate most . . .

  1.  Too much make-up. 31% of guys said it’s their least-favorite look.
  2.  Botox, 17%.
  3.  A fake tan, 13%.
  4.  Plumped-up lips, 11%.
  5.  Fake eyelashes, 8%.
  6.  Hair extensions, 6%.
  7.  Huge fake boobs, 5%.
  8.  Drawn-on eyebrows, 4%.
  9.  Tattoos, 3%.
  10.  Bright red lipstick, 2%.

And check this out. While 52% of women would consider having plastic surgery on their face, 63% of men wouldn’t even want their wife or girlfriend to have a minor procedure like Botox. And 23% said they’d be embarrassed if they did.

(Daily Mail)

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