Ten Things Women Do to Their Bodies That Guys Hate Most

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Ladies, here’s something you might want to know before you go all out to “fix” your face. It turns out most guys don’t WANT you to.

A new survey found the ten things women do to their bodies that guys hate most . . .

  1.  Too much make-up. 31% of guys said it’s their least-favorite look.
  2.  Botox, 17%.
  3.  A fake tan, 13%.
  4.  Plumped-up lips, 11%.
  5.  Fake eyelashes, 8%.
  6.  Hair extensions, 6%.
  7.  Huge fake boobs, 5%.
  8.  Drawn-on eyebrows, 4%.
  9.  Tattoos, 3%.
  10.  Bright red lipstick, 2%.

And check this out. While 52% of women would consider having plastic surgery on their face, 63% of men wouldn’t even want their wife or girlfriend to have a minor procedure like Botox. And 23% said they’d be embarrassed if they did.

(Daily Mail)

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