Ten Things We’ll Give Up When Money Gets Tight . . . and the Ten We Won’t


No matter how poor I get, I will NEVER give up my high speed Internet. My children could STARVE before I’d go back to waiting for a YouTube video to buffer. And I’m not alone.

A new survey found the top ten things people will give up when money gets tight . . . and the top ten things we consider untouchable no matter HOW poor we get.

The number one thing we’d give up if things got tight is . . .

  1. buying expensive jewelry
  2. Club and social memberships
  3. Expensive purses
  4. Gourmet foods
  5. Expensive cosmetics
  6. Maid service
  7. Costume jewelry
  8. Shopping for fancy clothes
  9. Facials
  10. Satellite radio (Damn straight.)

And the number one thing they’d have to pry out of our cold, poor hands?

  1. Internet service
  2. Basic cell phone service
  3. Basic cable
  4. Our cell phone data plan
  5. Upgrading our cell phone
  6. Haircuts
  7. Shopping for clothes on sale
  8. Charity
  9. Vacations
  10. Premium cable channels

(National Retail Federation)

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