Ten Sentences That Wouldn't Have Made Any Sense 10 Years Ago

2004 doesn’t SEEM like it was that long ago . . . until you realize it was a full DECADE ago.  Here are 10 sentences that wouldn’t have made ANY sense 10 years ago . . .

  1.   “They hacked into the cloud.”
  2.   “I use the hashtag ‘no filter’ on all my photos.”
  3.   “My Internet is down so I can’t watch TV.”
  4.   “When do pumpkin spice lattes come back?”
  5.   “She unfriended me.”
  6.   “I can’t believe I got catfished.”
  7.   “I don’t know who’s a bigger movie star, Robert Downey Jr. or The Rock.”
  8.   “Gas is down to $3.50-a-gallon!”
  9.  “I might get rid of my car thanks to Uber.”
  10.   “He’s making $30,000-a-day posting on YouTube about ‘Minecraft’.”




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