Ten Most Awkward Social Situations


A new study found the average person deals with 84 awkward social situations a year. And the MOST awkward one is having to introduce someone when you can’t remember their name. Here are the top ten . . .

1. Introducing someone when you don’t know their name. 43% of us have done it.

2. Bumping into someone you don’t like.

3. Being interviewed for a new job.

4. Meeting someone who used to date the person you’re currently with.

5. Networking for your job.

6. Meeting the parents for the first time.

7. Going on a first date.

8. Talking to someone you’re attracted to.

9. Meeting up with someone you met online.

10. Greeting a room full of people. It’s not clear if that means walking into a room full of people, or having to meet and exchange names with a bunch of people at once.

A few more that made the top 20 were bumping into an ex . . . meeting your idol or a celebrity . . . dancing with someone . . . a first kiss . . . standing up in a packed train or bus . . . and being told you have something in your teeth.

(Mirror / Daily Mail)

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