Taylor Swift’s Controversial Ticketing System Favors Her Richest Fans

TAYLOR SWIFT hasn’t announced dates for her upcoming ‘Reputation’ tour yet . . . but when she does, you can bet that tickets will be VERY hard to get.

She’s willing to push YOU toward the front of the line . . . but only if you buy some of her expensive merchandise, like a $60 SNAKE RING.

It’s a new program called ‘Taylor Swift Tix‘ that she’s doing with Ticketmaster.  Basically, you can get points by PROVING how big of a fan you are by watching her videos, sharing her photos on social media, and most importantly, buying stuff.  You get varying amounts of points for doing these things, and the fans who accumulate the most points will get priority when her tickets become available.  Taylor and Ticketmaster argue that the system is intended to ensure that REAL FANS are getting the tickets, and they aren’t being hoarded by scalpers and bots.

But naturally, she’s getting a LOT of backlash, because she’s giving priority to her richest fans, who can afford merch ON TOP OF the ticket prices.  And it’s also a way for her to get a bunch of fans to do marketing and social media publicity on her behalf for FREE

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