Taylor Swift Plans to Re-Record Her Old Songs . . . But Can She?

TAYLOR SWIFT has a plan to get back at Scooter Braun for buying up her music.  She’s going to re-record her old songs so that SHE owns the masters.

In an interview airing this weekend on “CBS Sunday Morning”, she says that’s, quote, “absolutely” the plan.

But that might not work out exactly the way she wants it to.  Industry sources say that every label has a clause preventing artists from re-recording on another label and marketing the new versions.

And while that clause usually has an expiration date, the label would have another clause preventing Taylor from COPYING the originals . . . meaning the new versions would have to be DIFFERENT.

And honestly, would anyone really care about NEW versions of her songs?  I mean, maybe some of her Swifties would buy them just to show their support.

But if anyone wanted to license, say, “Shake It Off” for a movie, a TV show, a commercial, or whatever . . . you know they’re gonna go for the CLASSIC version, which belongs to Scooter. 



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