Starbuck’s New Drink is Supposed to Taste Like Cereal Milk

Taste Like Cereal Milk

Starbucks Has a New Drink That’s Supposed to Taste Like Cereal Milk

Starbucks is selling the Pumpkin Spice Latte again, but they hadn’t introduced a NEW drink for fall in four years. Finally, our national nightmare is over.

Yesterday, they started selling the Toasted Graham Latte. It’s made with espresso, steamed milk, sweet cream, and graham cracker flavoring, with cinnamon and crumbled graham crackers on top.

Their manager of research and development came up with it, and she says it’s supposed to taste like the milk in the bottom of your CEREAL bowl. At least, that’s what inspired it.

Quote, “I thought about the back-to-school season and looked at the latest food and beverage trends. [And] what I found to be quite popular in the U.S. is the taste of cereal milk, the delicious leftovers in your breakfast bowl.”

You can get it at any Starbucks, quote, “until supplies run out.” Whatever that means.

(Starbucks / Consumerist)

Taste Like Cereal Milk

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