Survive Your Office Holiday Party (5 tips)


A lot of office holiday parties are happening tonight and tomorrow. Here are five tips to help make it through yours unscathed.

1. Don’t skip it. Unless you’re leaving town or have a good excuse, skipping the party makes it seem like you don’t care about the company or your co-workers. 30 minutes is fine, then you can go.

2. Remember that harassment policies still apply. If you hit on a co-worker or say something inappropriate, you can still end up with a sexual harassment lawsuit, even if the party is off-site.

3. Eat something before you go. If there’s food, it’ll probably just be small stuff, and chances are you’ll be drinking.

4. Use the party to network, but not too much. Holiday parties are a good chance to talk to people you normally don’t get one-on-one time with. But no one wants to talk shop the whole time. And don’t ask about an open position or a raise. It’s tacky.

5. Don’t be the last one to leave. Or in other words, don’t be the one who shuts down the bar. If you DO happen to drink too much, get a cab and get out of there.

(Business Insider)

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